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Creating awareness due to mounting danger

With the growth of civilization, the growth of some nefarious things grows as well. Basically scientific invention and social enlightment deemed for the betterment of the human beings but these invention and enlightment brought some destruction along with it also. Consequently it has jeopardized the lives of mankind, and peace and tranquility ceased to exist forever. Each and every place of the world automatically engulfed in danger. Be it electronic media or print media it always hogs the headlines carrying news about murder, kidnapping, burglary theft, bank robbery, shoplifting or even pilferage .In such a fluid situation, the man survival seems to be bleak. It is highly unsafe in the present social environments as the social malady and evils are rampant and fast spreading like a wild fire. All-round threats to lives and property have become a buzz word today, rising trend of crimes and anti social activities are so alarming that it has yet not been completely controlled, despite best efforts by the govt. concerned, still different Govt. agencies trying its best to deter and destruct , but it all proved a damp squib. The situation is still grim , and no let up seems to be in near future. Considering these states of affaire in view, it is utmost necessary to all individuals, corporate, households to take steps towards safety and security. Thus it all resulted in ever –increasing demands to provide security through high-tech measures.

Staff Recruitment and Selection

Our staffs are selected after the stringent verification of their character and antecedent We attach utmost importance to the right selection of staffs. It is processed in accordance with stringent parameter as laid down our organization. These include education, age physical fitness and background.

Training and Development

After the completion of selection, our security personnel go through a Basic Training Capsule Program which lays emphasis on the following aspects;

Drill- Posture Training and Saluting
Turn out and Smartness
Body languages
Gate Duty
Fire Fighting
First Aid
VIP/Event Security
Motivation Training including, discipline, spirit de corps
Use of phone and other communication channel
Preparation of various reports
Perimeter patrolling
Various aspect of industrial training

Assignment Training (On the Job Training)

Assignment training is also imparted to those trained personnel at the clients premises so that the security personnel can performed duties in accordance with requirements at the specific place.

Refresher Training

Duties-Static –Patrolling
Vigilance Function.
Site instruction.
Man management.

We have an arrangement for refresher training program. The security personnel undergo a refresher course to rectify their mistake if any .In this program Fire Safety Management and Training for emergency or any eventualities are imparted.

Training of Supervisor

Besides the basic induction training, supervisory staffs have to qualify for a short course i.e.; Function of Supervision. This is a full time course, covering the following aspects.

Security Guard Training School

We have our own security guard training school with suitably qualified instructor and the necessary training aids .We provide three- tier training to our staffs. Which consists of basic induction course, assignment (on the job training) and refresher course.

Basic Induction Course

This is a three day full time course, covering the following points;

How to wear the uniforms
Duties-Static /Patrolling
Receiving a visitor
How to stop theft and pilferages
Law related to security
Instant and immediate action in case of emergency/Incident


Our security guard remains fully dressed up with Navy Blue Uniforms with a glittering sticker of company logo, no doubt it all make the presentation much more attractive .Our well trained field officer /supervisor remain alert and vigilant round the clock to check duties being performed by them, and action are instantly taken if finds any sort of fault or some thing else.

Our Services: Guarding Services, Executive Protection, Cash Van Services, Customized Services, Corporate Intelligence.

We have the privileged of providing total security cover for the following events.

Star Night Show
Film Releases and Premier
Annual General Meeting of Big Corporate Houses

We are professionally managed security engineering company providing security solution on a turnkey basis, we offer various sub system.

Intruder Alarm System, Perimeter Protection System, Fire Alarm System ,Access Control System, CCTV System, Safety Film, Walki - Talkie, First Aid & Fire Fighting Appliances, Guard Alarm ,Patrol Clock, Remote Controlling Gates. Metal Detector.

These systems are supplied and installed by us, on receiving order /requirement by the clients.

Equip Mental Functioning

Intruder Alarm System; This system ensures protection against theft burglary and intrusion. It also caters to emergency situation of fire and daytime burglary.

Surveillance/CCTV System; This system gives you total peace of mind .By the use of a surveillance system, you can control your entire premises from one remote location such as your bed room .The entire activities of your premises like entry of person or any other activities can be monitored by one person from any room.

Audio/Video Door Phone/Camera/Electronic Lock; A gadget that ensures cautious entry of any visitor into your premise.

Camera-For visualizing the visitor.

Existing Television/CCTV Monitor-For display of the camera output, this helps in screening the visitor from inside.

Electronic Lock; To lock the door.

Hand set of door phone; To allow two –way communication from inside to outside.

Door releases (inbuilt) To open the electronic lock from outside.

Bell unit (audio door phone); Bell switch and mike to have two way communications.

Hand set of Door Phone; To allow two way communication from inside and inbuilt screen to visualize the camera image.

Motion Sensor Light; The built in Passive Infra Red Rays (PIR) motion detector continuously scan the dark area and burns light on instantly when a heat source ,such as a human body or vehicle enters its field.

Access Control System; This system comprises of a controller Proximity Reader, Electro magnetic Lock, PC Link and its software, proximity cards and power supply. The member will be provided proximity cards which and when shown to the reader placed outside the designated door will open it after accessing the information on the cards. The reader sends the data to the controller, which further operates the lock and records the entry/exist details in the computer.

Fire Alarm System; Detection of any kind of heat /smoke /fire could now be detected and extinguished through a high –tech alarm system.

Gate Automation System; Part of professional architecture of the premises could well be connected to a bell switch to open lock from a remote authorized location.

Article surveillance System; Built to meet & exceed the requirements of stores with high inventory turn over. Article surveillance system is a major breakthrough in loss prevention and we are proud to announce the creation of a truly defeat resistant, electronic article surveillance system, designed to deter even the most determined shoplifter. Tricks of the trade are things of the past and M/S ESF SECURITAS, makes it a impossible.

Metal Detector (Safe/Hand Set); Best suitable for areas where top security is compulsory. Metal detector is an advice designed to detect metal masses carried by people or object. It can be used for detecting, weapons, detonator or other such peace of metal on people or in parcel, bagges, correspondence fabric or something else.

Attendance Management System; Time saving integrated device ,in the form of RAC-800,for time ,attendance and access control system which do not only keeps attendance, absenteeism, overtime, leaves taken etc, but also compute the actual salary of each employee while considering all related factors, such as basic pay HRA,TA, and other allowances including deduction concerning ESI,PF, etc. it can even generate bank payment advice.

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