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Pest Control


Protect your home from the invasion of Pest & Rodent

Pest problems; Pest and rodents can cause great deal of damage to property. We take great care to periodically spray the best and only listed chemicals to provide safe, treatment of affected area. As it is fact that despite congenial atmosphere and comfort of your home, pest persists in your home or in some where else, create ideal condition for unhealthy household. Is your home is a victim of these unwanted invaders? If so, come or call M/s .Wonder Living, to provide guaranteed solutions for your worst pest problems.

The very comfort of your home creates ideal breeding ground for many household pests. Although these pests are often seen in and around the home you may not be familiar with their characteristic and traits. It is imperative that a thorough inspection and correct identification be made prior to solving even the simplest of pest problems.

Pest inspection by our pest personnel; It is necessary that a thorough inspection be performed by a trained professional before proper complete inspection our service technician will properly identify and suggest treatment for any and all pest found in and around your home .In rare cases, it is possibility to come across an uncommon pest that may be new to the area, in this event the pest will be brought back to our laboratory for proper identification by Entomologist.

Pest Control solution; It is our commitment to provide you the most recent pest control technology and treatment methods .we can ensure that you will receive the most effective and environmentally conscious pest control solution for your home and your work place.

Our Wonder Living service technicians will provide a thorough inspection and intense treatment for your home initial service .our service technicians have been trained to identify immediate problems area, as well as possible pest harborages, both in and around your home.

In side your home, we mainly concentrate focus on target location such as kitchen, bath rooms, laundry rooms basement and antics. We give special attention to the cracks and crevices under sinks and around appliances. Out side your home we will focus on critical entry points that pest may access, in addition to M/S wonder Living will inspect and treat location such as eaves, garages, shades, woodpiles or other commonly infested areas.

Herbal Pest Control

It is all well and good to espouse herbal theory and to wax esoteric on the balance of nature. True best of ones commitment to the higher good of the universe over personal gain is not necessarily when it affect ones bottom line, the true test comes when nature meanders willy-nilly across ones threshold or pokes an antennae head through a crack in ones sacred domain.

For general pest prevention, the mint family takes high honors. Peppermint (Menthe x piperita) repels ants,mice flies,lice and moth. Besides it pennyroyal, spearmint Basils, citronella or lavender and so on, are the glaring live examples for effective control of pesticides through herbal process.

We have a new and unique technique and process of intermingling various herbs for getting cent percent eradication of chronic pest and rodent .It causes no side effect neither has a deadly effect at the place of application. It is completely safe and secure means of pest controlling.

Comprehensive Pest Management Systems

It is a 5-step process to eradication, prevention and maintenance pest control problems.

The reason for pest problems will help build a better understanding of necessary action to cure the problems. We educate customer and continuous involvement and participation by our customers helps insure an effective program.

Proper waste management is to key to our system. Our registered technician will carefully inspect your premises for areas where unwanted pest thrive. Harborage sites include excessive accumulation of trash, papers boxes and lawn debris. We offer advice and recommendation on the clean up of such areas to maximize such control.

Infestation can also be controlled by making minor repairs to the structure or premises. Common repairs include Screening, Caulking, weather-stripping, insulating, and improving drainage or ventilation.

We use a variety of biological and mechanical control technique, such as baits, traps, deterrents and retardants, to monitor and control unwanted pest. Pesticide usage can be kept to a minimum by using this technique. Our goal is safe, effective, long-lasting results for our customer.

Our goal is limited pesticide application. It is reduced when practicing all phases of our pest management system. The appropriate quantity and application. They will be administered by our trained professionals.

Our Regular Services

During different month of the year, your home or the work places may expose to different types of pest, whether it is roaches, ants, spiders or rodents, you will most certainly experience visits by these unwanted guests. Regardless of the season or any types of pest, we are here to protect you.

Pest and Rodents - A brief introduction

Argentine ant- It is a light to dark brown measuring1/10’’. This ant is readily adaptable and can nest in a great variety of situation and may contain hundreds of queens. Their nest is usually located in moist soil, along sidewalks, or beneath boards. They often invade residential and commercial buildings in search of food and shelter. They travel in trails and forage day and a night. The ant can eat almost anything but prefer sweets.

Carpenter ant- this is among the largest of the ant family, measuring ¼’ to ½’.its color is usually dark black. it has large heads with strong mandibles(Jaw) used for chewing. Carpenter ants may be seen infesting homes or buildings at any time of the year searching for food. Although they chew their way through wood they do not eat wood .instead they feed on a wide range of insects, plant material and occasionally on household foodstuffs.

Fire ants; Fire ants are reddish brown and found in many sizes ranging from 1/8” to almost3/8”.fire ants pose a health risk to any one venturing into area where the ants are found. These ants nest in the soil and construct large mounds. That are easily seen the lawns and pasture. The fire ants are the veracious stinger. A person allergic to insect stings could experience amore serious reaction.

Odorous House ants; The odorous house ants is about1/8” and dark brown in color It gets its name because when crushed the workers give off a rotten coconut odor. Odorous house ants may develop huge colonies containing thousands of workers and numerous queens making these species very difficult to control.

Pharaoh ants; The pharaoh and id extremely small, measuring about 1/16” in length. It is light yellow to reddish brown in color. This ant is a serious nuisance in hospital rest home, apartment dwelling, hotel, grocery store, food establishment and home. They feed on jellies, honey, peanut butter, fruit juices, dead insects and even shoe polish. This type of ant is capable of mechanically transmitting diseases.


It is costly nuisance for property owners. Termites have an extremely complex social structure/caste system and communicate using Pheromones. It can’t digest wood/ cellulose by themselves. They rely on protozoa within their gut to do it for them. According to competent sources$750,000.000 in damage in year. It is more than damages caused by all fire, storms, and earth quake as well. But it does not damage dramatically as fire or tornado. Yes it is fact it can not be discovered for year’s .But they do damage discreetly. It seems they believe in slow and steady wins the race.

Typical Sign of Termite Infestation

Swarming of winged adults in spring (March., May and June and occasionally autumn (September and October) A swarm is a group of adult male and female reproductive that leave their nest to establish a new colony. Swarming takes place when a colony reaches a certain size. Stimulation in emergence starts when temperature and moisture condition remain favorable for them. Other sign of termite presence include pencil-size mud tubes constructed over the surface of foundation walls, mud sticking out from cracks between bounds and beams, termites dropping pellets in window sills, on framing etc. or extreme softness when penetrated with a knife.

Two Types of Swarmers

(A) Dry wood Termite swarmer (Rust coloured body)
(B) Subterranean Termite Swarmers (Black Colored Body)

Dry wood Termites; Dry wood Termites swarmers can fly in and start and start a colony in virtually any piece of wood. One of the common symptoms of dry wood termites attack is the accumulation of tiny, straw-coloured fecal pellets inside or beneath infested furniture.

Subterranean Termites; They live in top guarded security circles as they inhabit in underground colonies. These colonies are specifically built for a King and Queen. Whose sole job is nothing save reproduction? We generally scared of damage and loss from fire and from severe natural disaster But Statistics show that there is far greater reason for concern about damage caused by Subterranean Termites. It’s really silent killer.

Caste System; Both Dry wood and Subterranean Termites have swarmer, worker, Soldier, king and queen.

Termites Ecology; Termites feed on dead plant cell, wall material e.g. wood, leaf litter, roots, dead herb, grasses, dung and humus. Chemically it can be characterized, as Ligonocelluiosic matter which most abundantly available organic materials in the biosphere.



Kinds of Rodents


House Mouse

Deer Mouse

Norway Rat


House mouse; House mouse as its name itself indicates, is common in almost all houses. The house mouse is dusty gray in color measuring about 41/2”-6”. It has large ears and long tails. The house mouse is considered among the most serious structural pests, causing serious economic loss, health hazards and unsanitary environment, which is quite detrimental to both lives and property.

Deer mouse; The color of such mouse is pale gray to reddish brown in color and has a bi-colored tail, White below and dark above. It is commonly found in rural areas and buildings located in or around wooded areas. The deer mouse is medically important species because it carries Hantavirus. This virus can result in a serious, often fatal, respiratory disease in humans.

Norway rat; It has a stocky body measuring 10”-12” (without the tail) It is a very large mice, weighing as much as one pound. It has a blunt nose and scaly tail and is shorter than the head and body combined. Rats contaminate food and causes extensive damage to buildings and equipments in houses, granaries, restaurants and other areas they inhabit. Rats are able to gnaw through wood electrical wires etc Rats are excellent climbers and need a hole only as big as a quarter to gain entry into a home. Rats are known to be a source of numerous diseases affecting man, such as the plaque and murine typhus.

It is our commitment to provide environmentally suitable and smart pest control for our valued customers we are constantly seeking to perfect our services through the latest technology and products.


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