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We make your creation of beauty a joy forever

M/S Vansh Enterprises, being in the fore front of housekeeping services believes in the philosophy, which inspire to rise above, and to reach out emerging technology, an endeavor to understand the basic of health, to liberate the human spirit from pollution and irritant particles, to ignite new vision, to identify challenges and to set new goals that make your surrounding healthy and refreshing.

After more than a decade experiences in the field of housekeeping, we can proudly coin the term that the beauty we create, needs to be sustained, the color, the design, needs to be maintained. Come and trust us to look after your precious work place and the place of living.

M/S Vansh Enterprises, earned reputation as a leading professional in housekeeping and cleaning services. We have become the choice of both government and corporate sectors all over the national capital region New Delhi, through our commitment to providing the right tools for every task. We meet our goals of helping you to save time and money, while obtaining superior result with the right tools and accessories that works most effectively in a Total Cleaning Care System .We combine our commitment to quality and innovation with high class customer service. When your work demands comfort, performance and safety from the ground up, we provide services every time.

Frankly speaking, having rich practical experiences in the field of housekeeping we served numerous high profile customers providing the quality services and the entire satisfaction. Today we have a wide networks of housekeeping services in which systematic and scientific techniques are applied to ascertain up to mark services.

Our Specialised Services

Complete housekeeping and overall property management.
Highly customized services and monitoring mechanism.
Cost effective and most effective services management

Our Housekeeping services division, comprising the networks of skilled and efficient housekeepers who are solely accountable for vestibule services, trash removal floor care, rest room cleaning and both interior as well as exterior glass cleaning.

Cleaning and Conservancy System

We have a great pleasure in presenting our scientific and innovative cleaning and conservancy system. Which prevents all types of dust and moisture from entering your premises through human traffic. Thus it reducing your housekeeping costs drastically and also helps in maintaining the carpet and floor finish for a longer period of time. This system is designed based on our long experiences in commercial housekeeping industry.

The basic concepts behind this system is that the dirt brought in by the human traffic contains many elements like; wet sticky mud, dry house mud. Pebbles-fine and sand. Water-moisture, heavy dust. Through our cleaning and conservancy system, we have designed to handle all these elements and gives up to 100 per cent protection against all these elements. Our system removes the dust, trap the dust, hides the dust at the entrance, hence the entire premises remains clean We provide equip mental services for carpet, sofa, chairs and house cleaning.

M/S Vansh Enterprises understands that you value your home, while we value your business. Our house cleaning crew is bonded and insured. In addition, team is trained to meet any task your home needs. We understand how your home needs to be cleaned. Our crew is willing to listen to your needs and perform any task to make your house-cleaning meet your needs, because your is your number one investment.

Gold Package

Our deluxe house cleaning package includes all of your basic vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting of all furniture, floor boards, window cells, bathrooms ( floor, shower, tubs, sink and vanity ), Kitchens including ( floors countertops, microwave and all surface areas ), with addition services including laundry, changing bedding sheets, and all appliances. The "Gold" package of house cleaning.

Silver Package

M/S Vansh Enterprises general house cleaning package includes all of your basic vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting of all furniture, floor boards, window cells, bathrooms (floor, shower, tubs, sink and vanity), and Kitchens including (floors countertops, microwave and all surface areas of house cleaning). The "Silver" package of house cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

M/s Vansh Enterprises, besides being in some other services it has championed itself in carpet cleaning as well. It is truly ultimate in spot and stain removers. As it is a fact despite applying too much costly shampoo or soap it really requires scientific handling and treatment. We as professional extractor that travels deep to the source of the stain and effortlessly and effectively brakes down and eliminates ugly spots, stains, grease and grime from your carpets, upholstery, seats or literally any interior surface. M/S Vansh Enterprises, is formulated using only premium formula unpleasant scents and odors are extracted and eliminated all in one spray.

We, in all the cleaning and conservancy services, use the latest equipments imported from Italy and some other foreign countries. It is reality that merely sweeping and mopping can not get rid of dust and dirt. It only settles down in the cracks and crevices of your floor. Years old stereotyped means of sweeping and mopping consume precious time, energy as well as huge amount of money and no cent percent outcome. But the latest technology brought some extra and added valuation. The latest technology sucks up dust and dirt instantly that gives to your floor extra shine at a very cost effective price. Really it offers great value and services, bringing your home and place of work into a new leaf.

ASPIRO Professional

Feature; It makes possibilities of vacuuming both dust and liquids, as it has plastic head, made of shock proof material resistant to chemical and high temperature. It has shock proof plastic/stainless steel tanks. It is a anti foam device to protect motor. It consists splash proof tanks. It has been made of cone-shaped, firmly tightened filter for greater vacuuming efficiency, and it keeps rust proof hinges of the head. Powerful vacuum motor with double insulation.

Application; With the help of such technologically upgraded equipments we provide services to many a valued customer of different manufacturing/trading units such as, automobile and engineering industry, pharmaceutical industry, railway canteen and waiting lounges, export houses, hotels and hospital etc.

Professional & Industrial MODEL - ASPIRO 151 S/SA, 730 CSB / 735 CSA, 740 CSB


Max Power
No. of Motor


Air Flow




Noise Level


1200 W / 1

230 V ~ 50 Hz

170 M3 /Hr

2200 mm H2O

35 ltr

PP / Steel

65 dBA


2400 W / 2

230 V ~ 50 Hz

340 M3 /Hr

2200 mm H2O

63 ltr


65 dBA


2400 W / 2

230 V ~ 50 Hz

340 M3 /Hr

2200 mm H2O

72 ltr


66 dBA


3600 W / 3

230 V ~ 50 Hz

510 M3 /Hr

2200 mm H2O

72 ltr


67 dBA

Standard Accessories : Flexible Hose, Bend Extension , Dry Squeegee, Wet Squeegee , Round Brush, Crevice Tool.


It is the collaborative product from Italy. It is both Nadir Nova + Drying Kit, the rotary machine which scrubs and dries in one pass. It has the capability to be converted into a scrubber cum drier using drying kit.

Feature; It has ergonomically been designed. All control is in hand, and smooth & sleek operation. According to requirements machine weight can be adjusted. Powerful motor with effect system, protected against accidental infiltration of water. Tank is placed on the hand, no more on the handle.

Application; Deep cleaning, maintenance cleaning, wax removal, polish cement floor foundation, damp carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning.

Advantages; Great cleaning performance, superior gloss, highly noiseless machine for environment like; Hotel and Hospital. Light weight for easy transportation, heavy for scrubbing and heaviest for stripping and comfortably working on the marble.


NADIR NOVE with Pad Driver
A single disc rotary machine, designed specifically for intensive wet scrubbing of the floor. It helps to remove even the stubborn / greasy dirt from the floor and gives your floor a different and original look.

The machine has been provided with the flexibility to change handle height, to add on operating weight. Also, the only machine in the world in which, water tank has been positioned on the base to help the operator to run it for hours without fatigue.

Floor Scrubbing (Wet)
Floor Polishing
Carpet Shampooing
Marble/Granite restoration/grinding with diamond pads)
Wooden floor sanding
Maintenance of Epoxy / PVC / Marble / Granite floor
Wax Removal from surfaces
Greasy oily dirt removing form floor

Additional accessories
Bassine brush, Tynex brush(For built up dirt on oily floor), carborandum brush, Pads of different degree of abrasivness etc. are available for cleaning and maintaining of various kinds of floors and floor conditions. And much more things are offered as optional accessories.

Brush Speed



Pad Driver

Stripping Pad

Solution Tank

Operative Weight with Tank

Noise Level

155 r.p.m

1500 W

430 mm

420 mm

430 mm

11 ltr

39.5 - 50.5 Kg

53 dBa

ELITE (Cold Water)

It is imported high-tech equipments for washing. It has a remote control device, spray gun with heatproof extension. It comprises three ceramic piston pump with rod/crank system and gorged brass head, four-pole electric motor (1400Rpm) continuous duty with over load thermal switch. It has the facility for low-pressure detergent delivery with control from the lance. The lance is complete with low /high-pressure commutation head, detergent control and adjustable water angle .It has also high pressure hose with quick screw coupling.

Application; Washing at garages, service station and auto work shop. Outdoor washing of areas i.e.; Swimming pool, parking etc. cleaning at slaughter house ,meat processing units, toilets building facade etc.






Pump with three ceramic pistons rod / crank system and forged brass head.
Remote control: Delayed total – stop.
Two poles electric motor (2800 rpm), continuous duty with overload thermal switch.
Low pressure detergent delivery with control from the lance.

Technical Card
Standard Equipment
- Operating pressure: bar 30÷160
- Volume: l/h 450÷900
- Max inflowing water: °C 50
- Feed rate: 3~400V-50Hz
- Absorbed power: W 5300
- Production code: Y05502
- Detergent tank: l 7.5
- Electric cable length: mt 4.5
- Dimensions LxWxH: cm 74x43x81
- Weight: kg 44
Standard equipment

• Spray gun with heatproof extension.
• Lance complete with low/high pressure
   commutation head, detergent control and
   adjustable water angle.
• 8mt high pressure hose with quick screw        couplings.
* Hose reel


Features :-

Works as a Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Polyester Filter.
Works as a Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner.
Also works as a Spray Extraction Machine, which sprays chemical and water at a pressure of
2 bar and sucks back the residue simultaneously. i.e LAVA works as a three in one machine

   No. of motor  



   Maximum wattage




Volt / Hz

230 / 50


mm H2O


   Air flow        

m3 / hour


   Container Tank        



   Detergent Tank







For Dry Vacuuming : Polyester Filter ( washable) , Floor cum Carpet brush, Upholstery nozzle (for dry sofa and seat cleaning),

Crevice tool (for inaccessible area), Round Brush (for Key Board, Computer , Dash Board etc.)

For Wet cleaning : White Upholstery Nozzle (for Sofa and Car Seat cleaning), A special extension and tools for Carpet as well as Floor cleaning.

Besides the above : Flexible Hose , Extension Rods, Bend Extension and Chemical Tank.


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